sobota, 26 marca 2011


This is for us. We are the ones who started it and we are going to be the ones who finish it. No one else. This is our time. This is for anyone who has ever cried when they looked at the number on the scale. Anyone who has ever had to ask for a bigger size in the fitting room, anyone who has busted a button or couldn’t zip the zipper. This is our time to change. To longer hours in the gym and greener food on our plate. To skin tight jeans, a polka dot bikini and a guy’s arm around our tiny waist. We can do it, we need to do it, and we will do it. No more excuses, no more starting tomorrow. We are starting this very second. I am willing to make the commitment, to take the leap. Reblog this if your with me. Let’s do it. Let’s shock everyone."

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