sobota, 17 grudnia 2011

What do you dream about? Because, I had dreamed about what I have now for a long time. I had been dreaming about love, about loving myself more, about learning more and spending my free time at the gym. My dreams became my reality so now, I can create new! Before I go to sleep, in my bed, I dream about this lucky, wchich I have - that it won't gone now. I am so happy, that I actually can't remember, when was the last time I had been so satisfied. I have a love, that is growing in my heart every day, I have friends that make my days more fun, I have people around me, who are understeanding me in the best way. So now, I am dreaming for more flowers in my room, more learning and just staying "Keep calm and carry on". We had achieved ideal realtionship. Thank God you are so handsome, coz otherwise - I won't be so kind. Thank Gog I have boobs, coz otherwise - you won't be so kind.

2 komentarze:

  1. agata to Twoja przyjaciółka?

  2. Agata jest napewno kimś więcej niż jedną z moich koleżanek. Jest wyjątkowa.